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>Hello world!

We are not just another
coding boot camp.

A mentor works with you on a one-on-one basis and facilitates your development by challenging your skills. Our objective is very well defined: to build your coding career from the bottom up.

What can you expect from our mentoring?


A personalized approach
implemented by a seasoned programmer


Learning process and methods tailored to your
professional objectives


Learning aimed at switching industries, getting certified,
or getting that long-awaited promotion

budowa portfolio

Help in creating your very own portfolio of coding projects

analiza Twojego kodu

Professional Code Review and analysis

symulacje i przygotowanie do rozmów kwalifikacyjnych

Support in finding a job in coding, job interview dress-rehearsals

budowa portfolio

Help in creating a great
coding resume and profile

nauka technologii

Original training materials incorporating the most relevant technologies available

Every student gets the option to...


Receive a recommendation or get outsourced to one of our Client companies, provided he or she can handle the challenging tasks we put forward.


Join a CRM platform that we use to oversee our work, provide you with training materials, complete Code Reviews, and provide you direct access to your Mentor.


Contact and cooperate with other aspiring Programmers, perhaps even work on big projects together.

Choose your development path


Mentoring curriculum: tailored for each student

Full Stack and Backend Developer training using Python, Django, Flask
  •   Python – basic to advanced
  • Django/Django REST Framework/Flask
  •   Testing and Unit Tests
  •   Algorithmics and data structures
  •   Software Architecture (Clean Code, SOLID, Design Patterns, DDD)
  •   Database architecture, SQL and UML
  • Toolkits (GIT, JIRA, Confluence, Jenkins)
  •   Docker, deployment, CI/CD, AWS Cloud
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Who would Aristotle be without Plato?

A mentor is a professional who...

Helps you stand out from the Junior crowd.

Increases your professional competencies.

Maximizes the effectiveness of your learning proccess.

Lays out your learning plan from start to finish.

zwrot z inwestycji

Return of investment?

Students need an average of 1-3 months to make up for the cost of learning with after getting their first job. Developing with a mentor is hard but productive work!

Our mission is to mentor capable and qualified programmers and introduce them into the IT industry. With that purpose in mind we’ve already managed to help dozens of coders increase their competencies.

What’s our way of working?

We’re a Software House. We do what we do not only to prepare our mentees to find a job on their own. We want to help them also by hooking them up with our Clients.

Our body and team leasing offer is available under our other brand:

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Technology companies

A list of certain companies that've hired our students just after the mentorship.