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Python Developer


500$ per month

Intended for those of you starting out on your coding journey and those who’d like to refresh and polish up their programming knowledge fundamentals and attain a higher level of Python development skills.

  • Roughly 36 hours of personalized development a month
  • Working both on your own and accompanied by your mentor
  • Comprehensive Python programming curriculum
  • Algorithmics and Data Structures
  • Working with GIT
  • Basics of software testing
  • Code Review
  • Creating a basic project portfolio
  • Clean Code and effective software development
  • Introduction to backend and Dev-Ops best practices
  • Assistance in choosing the right qualifications
  • Lots of non-standard projects and challenges
  • Original downloadable training materials and homework



650$ per month

Intended for mentees who have already taken their first and second steps in coding and are looking for their first job as a Python Developer.

  • Roughly 40 hours of personalized development a month
  • Working both on your own and accompanied by your mentor
  • Advanced Python
  • Advanced algorithmics and Data Structures
  • Backend technologies (Flask, Django, Django REST Framework)
  • Web development concepts - HTTP, REST
  • Containerization, Docker, CI/CD, API
  • Processing in the AWS Cloud
  • Python software testing using PyTest and UnitTest libraries
  • Database architecture, SQL and UML
  • Advanced GIT
  • Programmer and Dev-Ops toolkits (Docker, Confluence, JIRA, Jenkins)
  • Effective software architecture (SOLID, Design Patterns, DDD)
  • Using the SCRUM methodology to collaborate with other programmers
  • Personalized portfolio creation with the help of your mentor
  • The help of our graphics expert in creating a professional, individualized resume template
  • Job interview analysis and dress-rehearsals
  • Original downloadable training materials and homework


Super Senior

800$ per month

A path reserved for experienced programmers who want to raise the bar for themselves and give their professional careers a big boost. The mentor will help you define your weak spots, raise your qualifications and soar high above the Junior level.

  • Working alongside a Senior Developer with years of experience in coding and mentoring
  • Creating your own, individual development roadmap to effectively target and eliminate the gaps in your knowledge and further hone your skills
  • Working closely with your mentor by utilizing the communications platform and online meetings
  • Working for a singular and well-defined purpose – getting a promotion either within or outside your current organization
  • Market analysis and job interview dress-rehearsals
  • If need be – enhancing your portfolio by working on complex and advanced projects
  • The volume of theory and practice tailored to the mentee’s preferences
  • The option to work as Mid or Senior Dev for one of our Clients once the mentoring is concluded
  • Working based on original training materials and trusted outside knowledge sources


Have we won your heart?

Are you intersted in or still hesistate? Send a submission and we will prepare an individual plan of learning just for you!